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A brief history of the class.
A brief history
Brief details of all 191 locos. Each loco can be selected individually for further details.
An index of all the photographs on this site.
An index of photographs found in reference books.
Published photographs
Information and photographs of 45593 Kolhapur
Information and photographs of 45596 Bahamas
Information and photos of 5690 Leander
Information and photos about 45699 Galatea
Technical information on the class.
Technical information
Frequently asked questions.
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The Jubilee Locomotives of the LMS

Jubilee No. 45699, running without name plates, at Carnforth on 16 April 2013

Galatea steams! Click here for details

Welcome to the LMS Jubilee website. This site contains details and photographs of all 191 Jubilees, and information about the four locos in preservation.


My thanks go to everyone who has contributed towards the development of this website. In particular, I would like to thank the following for providing photographs:-

  • Graham Bean
  • Geoff Clarke
  • Dr John Dickie
  • John Firth
  • Robin Gibbons
  • Geoff Green
  • Nick Halewood
  • Clive Hanley
  • Mark A Hoofe
  • Michelle Howe
  • Clive Hughes
  • Spencer Jackson
  • Kevin Knight
  • Ian Lane
  • Rory Lushman
  • Mick Marsh
  • Barrie Purslow
  • Graham Rimmer
  • Brian Robinson
  • Colin Saunders
  • John Sherratt
  • David Shevels
  • John Short
  • John Smith
  • Martin Smith
  • Roger Smith
  • Malcolm Spicer
  • Roger Taylor
  • Dennis Thompson
  • Bill Trumble
  • Stuart Williamson

also to Ray Townsin for providing information on dimensions and anyone else I may have inadvertently omitted.

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