A sorting, tidying and de-cluttering service based in Staffordshire.


Lifeís too short to sort stuff out- and then you need to, in a hurry.

 Entropy is a scientific fact. ĎEverything tends to disorderí. Despite our best intentions many of us are overwhelmed with stuff. Stuff you have to keep. Stuff you want to keep. Stuff you keep meaning to sort out. Stuff you might get round to. Stuff that comes through the letterbox. Before long, every flat surface, container, evening, weekend and scrap of free time has been taken over by stuff.

Time to fight back!

 I canít guarantee youíll never suffer from stuff again, but entropy can be reversed temporarily, enough to let you find the MOT certificate, see the carpet, and get the radiator fixed or put Auntie up for the weekend without spending the whole time apologising.

Surprisingly, you may not need to throw anything away (except junk mail and that green furry thing from the back of the fridge). Email or telephone me to discuss what you need to achieve and what resources you have. Donít be shy, and donít be embarrassed. Iím a graduate of Aberystwyth University (dw i'n siarad Cymraeg, ond ddim yn rhugl), but Iíve worked as a domestic cleaner for four years and then as researcher in an archive for seven: Iíve had toddlers, teenagers, kittens, multiple hobbies, a leaking roof and unexpected guests as well as moving house twice, so my experience is vast and varied. I wonít judge you, and I wonít gossip.

I offer:             Basic picking up and putting away. Sock pairing.

                        Sorting and filing paperwork.

                        Cataloguing and/or indexing.

                        Basic cleaning (having removed any relevant layers of stuff).

                        Advice about storage or recycling solutions.

 Why not introduce some Negentropy to your life?  I look forward to helping you - 

Malinda Law.                                                                               

 Contact me on 01785 715927, or email

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