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45690 - Leander in preservation

5690 Leander before the Shildon Cavalcade of 1975 5690 Leander near Shildon, during the 1975 Cavalcade 5690 Leander near Newton Aycliffe, in the Shildon Cavalcade of August 1975 5690 Leander at Dinting Railway Centre on 11 April 1976 5690 Leander at York, hauling the Scarborough Spa Express

5690 Leander at Birmingham Railway Museum, Tyseley 5690 Leander at Bridgnorth, Severn Valley Railway, October 1986 5690 Leander on Severn Valley Railway on 29 May 1994 whilst out of service at Arley station 5690 Leander undergoing restoration at Bury, East Lancs Railway, 18 February 2002 5690 Leander in undercoat at Bury, East Lancs Railway, 28 January 2003 5690 Leander at Crewe Works Open Day, 1 June 2003

5690 Leander standing at Bolton Street Station, Bury on 12 July 2003 5690 Leander on the Bluebell Railway, 23 October 2004

Details of Leander before preservation

Leander is currently at Steamtown, Carnforth, undergoing a ten-year overhaul and is expected to be running again in 2013.


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