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No. 45723 - Fearless

45723 Fearless near Rugby on 16 March 1957

Outline History

August 1936  Built at Crewe
Makers Number: 321
Lot Number: 129
Original LMS number: 5723
August 1936  Named Fearless
May 1948  Renumbered 45723
September 1950  Based at Longsight
January 1957  Based at Longsight
September 1957  Transferred to Crewe (North)
November 1957  Transferred to Carlisle (Upperby)
June 1961  Transferred to Crewe (North)
September 1962  Transferred to Nuneaton
August 1964  Withdrawn
October 1964  Stored at Spondon Junction, Derby
January 1965  Cut up at Birds, Morriston, Swansea

(Some shed allocations and transfers may not be shown)
Sources: The above information comes from various books listed in the bibliography.


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