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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Jubilees?

I first learned about Jubilees from a model railway catalogue in the early 1980s, when I was about thirteen or so. At the time I had a 00-gauge layout, and was looking for new engines and rolling stock for it. Mainline Models (as they were then) produced an engine that to me looked "right" - a mixed traffic loco in an attractive livery. This was a model of 5690, Leander, and I persuaded my parents to buy it for me for Christmas. The prototype was a regular performer on the Scarborough Spa Express, and as I lived in York at the time, I had several opportunities to see it, and even travel behind it. My interest in Jubilees has remained with me ever since.

Where did you get your information from?

From the books listed in the bibliography. There is an old adage that "to copy one book is plagiarism, to copy two is research". I don't claim to have done any original research; all this site sets out to do is to collate the information already gathered. I'm currently updating the information I provide to show the precise sources (something I should have done all along) - however this will take some time.

Where did you get the photographs from?

Most of the photos have been sent to me by people who have seen this site and scanned in their own photographs.

Are any of the original photographs for sale?

Unfortunately not as generally I do not own them myself.

Can I have a better quality print/download of a photograph?

Almost all of the photos on this website are at maximum resolution, so what you see is what you get. As I do not own the photos, I cannot send prints.

Are you considering creating a website dedicated to Black Fives/Royal Scots/Stanier Pacifics/etc?

No - this site take up enough of my time already. However, if you have sufficient interest in the subject to create your own website, I would be pleased to give advice and support.

Can you give me any details about what livery 45654 was in in 1953 (for example)?

Sorry, but due to personal commitments, and the number of queries I was receiving, I am no longer willing to do specific research. I suggest checking the reference material listed in the bibliography, or asking on a relevant news-group.

Where can I buy a model of 45xxx?

Bachmann make a model in OO gauge, and Graham Farish make a model in N gauge. There are also various kits in different gauges. These have been available as various locomotives from the class, and in different liveries. If you can't find the specific example you're looking for, you may be able to get one repainted/renumbered. I'm not in a position to advise on the best way of doing this.

The information on a certain locomotive is wrong.

In general, the information is sourced from the books listed in the bibliography. Some of these, especially What Happened to Steam, have been subsequently found to be inaccurate. (This was not always the fault of the author). If you can send corrections, I'll try to make sure the page gets updated at the next upload, but the software I used to automatically keep things up to date no longer works.

I've got a piece of railwayana stamped LMS. Can you tell me more about it?

I'm not an expert - I suggest trying a railwayana website.

Can I submit my own Jubilee photos?

At the moment, I am not intending to provide any more photos on this website. However, if you send them, I may keep them for future use.

Could you give me the email address of one  of your contributors please?

Sorry, but for privacy reasons I am unwilling to do this.

Will you put a link to my website on your links page?

There are many railway websites with links pages a mile long, making it difficult to find the best sites from the rest. I therefore prefer to use quality rather than quantity on my links page. If your website is directly connected to Jubilees then feel free to ask me, but please don't be offended if I refuse.

I've provided a link to you on my website - could you please reciprocate?

Sorry - I don't do link exchanges. These requests usually come from commercial websites, and I don't provide ads on this site. If you have linked to me - thanks very much, but I don't ask anyone to. I'll link to your site if it meets the criteria listed in the previous question, in which case I may ask for a reciprocal link, but I won't remove my link whether you reciprocate or not.

Can I put an advert on your website?


We'd like some information about your domain name/offer you information about domain names/offer to increase your page rankings, etc.

The domain name,, is registered to myself as a private individual, and not as a company. It is not for sale, and I have no wish to purchase any other domains with similar names. I am content with my page rankings, and need no help in increasing them.

And finally, why can't I find anything in the search engine when I type Royal Scott?

a) Because it's spelt Royal Scot, and
b) Because this is a website about Jubilees.

(But you'd be amazed how often people try.)


This page was last updated on Thursday, 25 July 2013.

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